About Me

Hello. My name is James, I live in Dublin and work as a product designer.

Having worked and studied abroad for a number of years, I returned to Ireland to begin a career in technology. I began by doing a mixture of design and front end for a number of Dublin startups before establishing myself as an out and out designer (knowing some code has always been useful though).

My design approach is straightforward:

  1. Know your users and business requirements
  2. Design for them
  3. Test on them
  4. Repeat where necessary

I have numerous creative interests outside working on digital enterprise products. I feel its important to work on such in order to remain adaptable to market needs, reinspire onself and exercise solving design problems outside of my day to day comfort zone.

Scene photography is one of these..

Kind of an accidental hobby I got into when playing around with a steadicam I got as a present. I like to capture scenes suitable for films and/or stories.

Augmented reality is another...

An extract from a mobile AR advertising concept I've been working on. I'll be publishing more on this soon (November 2018 at the the time of writing).

The rest of my site focuses on methods and processes I follow on a day to day basis that aid with solving both business and user goals.

PLEASE NOTE : You may not see too many direct references to companies or specific products as there is a limit to what I can disclose.