3D Concepts


image of guitar

Here's a guitar that I modelled from scratch using Blender 3D. A friend and I are playing with a concept of making it easier for people to learn guitar and we needed a base model to start with. I used it as an opportunity to learn some Substance Painter - a tool that enables texturing (i.e. adding surface details to a model).

image of guitar with textures

Here's the same model but with texturing made with Substance Painter. The software enables you to give an object realistic details such as dirt marks, finger prints and scratches.

before and after images of guitar

Here's a before and after of the same guitar but with detailed textures applied. Next I plan to learn animation in order to illustrate how a guitar tutorial might work.

Eighties Themed Bedroom Desk

image of guitar with textures

You may have seen a similar image to this on my welcome screen. 1980's aesthetics have always appealed to me. I tried to capture an eighties feel through the objects I chose to model and textures applied.

More examples coming soon!

I'll be publishing more work here shortly.