This is an acitivity stream page for a healthcare application. It's part of a patient's summary that allows users to see a timeline of his/her clinical records.

This is an analytics dashboard that I visually redesigned. It's purpose is to enable healthcare managers to identify areas of the business that are underperforming so they can prioritise what needs to be improved.

Here's an example of where I applied my 3D knowledge to a real life project. Its purpose is to show a patient how a set of braces would appear post treatment.

What Users Have Been Saying In Relation To My Work

“I have just started using the new Salud Dental EPR in my hospital and it’s a pleasure to find it is intuitive and well-designed. It is easy to navigate and you can quickly see the important clinical details that is so important to ensure good patient care."

- Alastair Speirs, Consultant in Restorative Dentistry

“Very quick and efficient. Easy to use. Excellent software.”

- Afsana Sajid, Dental Nurse

“Easy to use and follow even on the first attempt."

- Vishal Aggarwal, Professor of Oral Medicine